Split focusing on the individual instead of the transaction.

Meet the N2N Split.


Total flexibility on money transfers and commissions.

Complete structure for managing bank accounts and bank subaccounts.
Control in the capture, distribution, settlement and conciliation of transactions in open and closed networks.

Flexible operation
  • Split control with virtual bank accounts opening for all recipients
Multiple account and subaccounts
  • Split rules defined according to the individual needs instead of the transaction, with automatic settlement for the beneficiary.
Controlled settlement
  • Focus on the individual needs instead of the transaction, fully configurable timing and traceability of the receipts.
Boletos and Bank transfers
  • Payment of taxes, utilties and regular bills
Money transfers and P2P
  • Internal transfers between accounts instantly
Split payments
  •  Commissioning parameters definition and transfer in the transaction.

Manage split
with virtual accounts.

Difficult to open bank accounts for your clients? Is the volume of transactions a limitation factor? Difficulty in reconciling your receivables?

Take control of your company’s financial flow, the operation of your payment orders and have control over your actual cash position.