Digital Escrow for FIDC and Factoring

Get to know the Smart Escrow Account.

Smart Escrow 100% digital.

No need for new integrations or approval.

Our digital Escrow Platform is multi-title and acts as a neutral agent in the control of the Escrow account.

Benefits and Differentials:

Operational flexibility

  • FitBank bank account system integrated to your payment institution

Payment Split

  • Automation of the payment flow of the parties involved in the transaction

Total visibility in operation.

  • Transparency, traceability and control of the entire transactional flow

Full control over financial flow

  • Full control over the balance consigned to the Escrow account, reducing transaction risks

Management of multiple bank accounts in one place

  • Management, conciliation, monitoring and payment settlement panel

Automatic conciliation of all receivables

  • Decrease charges routines and conciling to the operation in a single file