Fully automated API-Cloud Technology

Payment solution for every utility,

taxes and other bills.

Ready-to-pay solution, with easy connectivity to your system and flexible for your business model.

  Differentials and Benefits:

100% coverage:
  • Access to the entire Brazilian payments network
  • Municipal, state and federal taxes, Utilities (water, electricity, gas bills) Detran, Bank Bills, etc.
Integration via API:
  • Modern Cloud Technology (AWS) via API with Full Automation
  • Connectable to any front end
One Stop Shop for payments
  • Pay and clear every bill through our plataform.
  • Limitless scale for payments and settlements

Solve your payment management problems with FitBank solutions.

Difficult to open bank accounts for your clients? Is the volume of transactions a limitation factor? Problems in reconciling your receivables?

Take control of your company’s financial flow with automation, flexibility and security.

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