Common questions:

When will Pix be released?

The forecast for the launch of PIX given by BACEN to the public is for the month of November 2020.

Will FitBank be present on the PIX?

FitBank is in the advanced process of authorization at the BCB for integration with the SPB and consequently the SPI and PIX. We request participation in the Direct modality.

When will FitBank be present at PIX?

We expect for the second semester / 2020 the conclusion of the BCB authorization request and consequently the approval of the PIX and SPB.

Will there be any changes to the FitBank platform?

We have already begun the work of addressing the transactional accounts required for the operation of PIX on the Fitbank platform and we have adopted the strategy of starting our participation directl...

What is the PIX pricing model on FitBank? (How much will it cost)

Pricing models are still being defined and will be made available soon

What are the commercial models for FitBank customers at PIX?

Business models are still being defined and will be made available soon.

What does it mean to be a direct and indirect participant in PIX? And the benefits of each model?

Being a PIX Direct Participant requires the participant to pay attention to all regulatory procedures and authorization from the BCB to join the SPB and now the SPI. In the Indirect model, the Direct ...

How do the old bank transfer models look compared to this new model?

The existing bank transfer methods remain unchanged as payment options within the FitBank Platform. The PIX becomes another means of payment with functional characteristics different from those alread...

How will receiving and sending a PIX through FitBank work?

The PIX will be another means of payment for digital accounts, but its compensation will be instant and will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will FitBank offer the indirect participant service to customers?

Yes, FitBank as a Direct Participant will be able to offer access to the PIX indirectly and through the PIX Payment as an option to the digital account and Indirect participation to other Fitbank ecos...

Will any homologation be required for indirect participants?

All those interested in participating in the PIX Indirectly will be evaluated by the BCB and for that, they must comply with the regulatory requirements, complete the proposed homologation stage and b...

What will integration be like for this new system?

The PIX will be another means of payment available for the use of digital Fitbank accounts, being integrated together with the other solutions of the platform as a whole.