ERP with banking power.

Add FitBank Payments Plataform to your ERP giving your clients a full and exclusive experience.

Automate all the banking and financial transactions.

Opening & managing multiple bank accounts

• 100% digital operation

• Access and create a close-loop network.

• Fully-integrated to main banks.

• Eliminates the interaction with banks.

Automated billing portfolio

• Complete: multiple payment possibilities

• Digital notification & billing

• No need for bank conciliation

• Eliminates the need for layout development (CNAB)

Large-scale payment

• Total coverage: bank bills, utilities & taxes

• Automatic discharge according to operational flow

• API integration

No conciliation needed
  • Information fully connected to the transaction
All spot transactions allowed in the Brazilian market
  • Registered bank bills, bank transfers, bills, utilities and taxes
API integration or CNAB translation

• Eliminates the need to develop CNAB for integration

• Faster implementation time

• Eliminates the interaction with banks

Give your ERP the Banking Power!

Difficult to open bank accounts for your clients? Is the volume of transactions a limitation factor? Difficulty in reconciling your receivables?

Take control of your company’s financial flow, the operation of your payment orders and have control over your actual cash position.


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