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Banking-as-a-Service & Treasury Online

Create your own Digital Bank and explore and expand all possibilities within your ecosystem.


Monetize your Transactions:

  • Make revenue as you wish on every transaction 

Payment Split:

  • Automation of the payment flow of vendors, brokers, commissioners and other parties involved in a transaction

White Label:

  • Digital bank, internet banking and app with your company’s identity


Bank Transfers

  • Internal and external money transfers to different banks

Boleto Issuance

  • Customizable cash-in alternative for you or your clients company

Bill Payments

  • All bills including boletos, taxes, utilities and standard bills

Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

  • Internal transfers between accounts instantly.

Prepaid Card

  • Issue cards for your clients use in conventional stores or partner networks with your company identity

Money withdrawal via QR Code

  • Money withdrawal via QR Code in all Banco 24 Horas network.

Pre-paid mobile Recharge / Gift Cards

  • For any cell phone company.
  • Pre-paid mobile, games and streaming services recharge

Conta Virtual & Tesouraria Online

Simples, escalável, flexível e rastreável

Automatize a emissão de boletos, folha de pagamentos, pagamento de fornecedores via TED, boleto, impostos e concessionárias.

Information fully connected to the transaction.

Seamless Banking

Financial services directly from your management system/ERP.

Fully automated experience, transparent and adherent to your operation flow.


FitBank was born to integrate payment methods transparently, with scalability, traceability and connectivity.

ERP Cloud & Standalone:

Real Estate, Manufacturing, Services, Retail, Agribusiness, Construction, Distribution and Logistics, Healthcare, HR and others.

High Transactions Demand:

Bills, TED, Payroll, Taxes and Utilities.


Payment split, virtual account management, automatic billing, commission payments and recurrence rules all in one place.


Financial automation fully adaptable and adherent to the operational routine of companies.

Digital Bank Account

Explore your financial ecosystem with customized solutions for your customers, suppliers, employees and service Providers

Flexible and customizable platform for cash management and automation of multiple accounts and complex payments executions.

Access Levels
bank accounts and
subaccounts management