We connect companies to financial services.
Meet the Digital withdrawal.

Offer your customers a digital withdrawal solution.

Founded in 2015, FitBank has established itself as the largest payment management platform in the country.

Our customers are able to use the FitBank partner network to withdraw without a card or use one of the 23,000 Banco 24 Horas boxes spread across the country. For that, we became one of the Tecban partners for connectivity to the Digital Hub!

Through our app or via API, customers will be able to withdraw money on the network or at terminals Banco 24 Horas via QR Code.

Digital withdrawal will also be linked to the platform's digital account balance for customers who want a complete financial ecosystem.

Advantages of Digital Withdraw:

  • Available in any of TecBan’s
    23,000 24-hour terminals
    across the country.

  • 100% Secure and Digital:

    100% Secure and Digital:

    Cutting edge technology with
    advanced encryption to
    protect data.

  • Withdrawal via QR code:

    Withdrawal via QR code:

    withdrawal of money via QR code,
    without the need for a card, in the
    entire Banco 24 Horas Network.

  •  Integrated with the  <br>  Digital Account:

    Integrated with the
    Digital Account:

    fully reconciled to the
    balance of the digital account.