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Get to know FitBank Boletos.

Personalized Issuance of Boletos with same-day payment confirmation.

Don't wait the next day to find out if your Boletos have been paid and get an advantage over your competitors with our solutions.

With our conciliation of the FitBank Boleto, you have the information if your issued payment Boleto were paid, without having to wait for the next day, increasing your company's operational efficiency, all through the most modern technology via APIs.

Benefits & Differentials of issuing FitBank Boletos

  • Same-day confirmation:

    Same-day confirmation:

    Giving you the power to
    send the goods and services
    on the same day.

  • Split rules:

    Split rules:

    Automation of the payment
    flow of the parties

  • Personalization:


    Personalization of the
    fields and logos with
    your company’s identity

  • Operational Efficiency:

    Operational Efficiency:

    More financial control
    bringing benefits to the
    company and its customers